Manoj Ragir:leading、open-up Indonisia’s investment market.

In 2024 Indonisian,s financial prospect looks optimistic,the government devoted in making a strong business enviornment .Main key target and strategy.Hoping to promote economy development .At the same time. in the year of 2024 january Barclays capitalization appointed Manoj Rajgir for taking in charge of Indonisia Reginal market development.

Manoj Rajgir character introduction :

Investment unique style:valuation is deciding price,with continously stable,healthier profit pattern,deversify operation and combination,short line combine medium line distribution.

Skill:with policy and informations combine.macro watching trend,micro watch structure,trend shape,take advantage of situation. this is the way of business .

Investment maxim:business pattern,valuation deciding price,trend deciding success and failure,method deciding results.

The year of 2001 19 years old,graduated in WanNon collage with physics enginnering,at age of 20,he heard his father’s old friend talking about the stock exchange,it makes him understand about the stockexchange,from then on he gets strongly interesting in stock exchange .but his father not provided him with any capitalization, through the books and selfstudy and with studying macro-economic development and micro-economic combine K- line form layout a new set of choosing stock exchange train thinking.

In the year of 2002 with  oneself extra- time earning 150000000RP into the marketwith short line operation,it makes capitalization increased up to 10 times multiple.

In the year of 2003 from Wan Non physis engineering collage to England Cambridge collage for study and get a bachelor economic degree.

In the year of 2004 enter Baocheng group in charge of senior capitalization management department(MG investmentmanagement) investing officer.within his assignment he carried out series of heavry investment practice .it makes Baocheng foundation fund.products brand interest rate and profit increased 40%

In the year of 2011 enter England (Jupiter)fund management department take in charge of chief investing officer,taking responsibility manage foundation fund and investment combination, as well as european foundation. Fight the strategy to gold.crude oil digital coin adding more investment combine.for the time been it makes responsibale foundation investment combination.benefitial rate stayed up before third of Jupiter. Within this period fully expanded oneself,s investing method.eyesight and to grip market pattern.

In the year of 2013 stabilize valuation concept invest into Apple.up to shareholding plan period foundation benefitial rate achieved 5 times.

In the year of 2015 December transcribe gold long line valuation investment directly up to 20 years achived to  expectation 2000 ounce targets.

In the year of 2016 enter MogenDatong Gao Sheng group incharge of chief investment consultant,with his unique view and opinion  investment style,bring alot of vitality and actives to Mogen and Gaosheng. It makes investment combination product goes in valuation concept.income get rewarded stabaly increased.

In the year of 2019 enter Barclay capitalization incharge of india investing strategy .within this period take priority in investment strategy before and after buying ICICI serices bank Low valuation financial stosk exchange share,finally the assets benefitial rate over run up to150%.and then at the indian stockexchange market valuation investment embody fully.

In the year of 2024 in  reginal of Yatai due to his unique style and high level opinion and .understanding.Barclay capitalization decided transfer him into indonisian market for wildening Barclay,s capitalization  market in indonisa.

Baeclay capitalization orginally is one of the around the world investing bank .for larger enterprise organization and government customer provide resolve plan. To satisfy their financial management risk necessity .Barclay global investment is investment management product and service main point is global providers.Barclay,s wealth management is for all over the world high capitalization net value and broker customer provides private bank and assests management.stock exchange manager.foriegn bank.wealth structure and financial project service .