Enterprises “Going to Sea” in Anhui go global

Production will not stop, innovation will not let up, transformation will not stop, compete with global “masters” to grab orders… In Baohe, many companies bravely enter the international market and seek breakthroughs in their respective fields of expertise, and the regional economy’s export-oriented degree continues to increase. From now on, the “Going to Sea”column will be launched. Reporters will visit on-site to feel the pulse of enterprises on the front line and see how they develop their internal skills, expand markets, go overseas, and accelerate development.

Less than 2 kilometers away from the bustling Hefei Port International Container Terminal, Anhui Moda Furnishings Co., Ltd., a foreign trade company hidden in the Lianli U Valley of Baohe Economic and Technological Development Zone, looks particularly low-key. However, in the past year 2023, the company achieved revenue of 200 million yuan.

Moda, taken from the meaning of “Modern”. This is an export-oriented cross-border e-commerce company focusing on B2C. Its main products, such as outdoor sofas, deck chairs, parasols and other fashionable leisure home furnishing products, sell well in overseas markets.

“The domestic ‘base camp’ is in Baohe, mainly engaged in R&D, design and headquarters offices. Many large-scale factories along the coast are in-depth partners in the industrial chain. After manufacturing is completed, they are shipped to the nearest port for shipment. In Europe and the United States, we also have our own warehouse network. Specializing in online e-commerce retail,” said Sun Zhiyuan, the company’s financial manager.

It is understood that in terms of talent, Moda home has a professional design team for the European and American markets; In terms of sales network, in addition to opening overseas hypermarkets, the team built a self-operated platform simultaneously; Overseas layout self-construction warehouse, can adjust the storage, reduce the adverse factors of maritime transportation.

“If we say what is our core competitiveness, independent and controllable R&D and design, sales channels, logistics and warehousing, these are all advantages.” Sun Zhiyuan said.

The visibility of enterprises’ cross-border roadmap has been confirmed in a series of data. Around 2020, the company’s business has shown a rapid development trend. In the past three years, annual revenue growth has exceeded 30%. At its peak, the increase reached 50%. In 2024, it is expected to achieve revenue of 280 million yuan.

In recent years, favorable national policies have been continuously released around improving the level of trade facilitation and reducing costs for import and export enterprises. In Baohe, under the leadership of industry authorities, special specialists come to provide services, policies, and information to enterprises to help them “go overseas” to expand international business opportunities.

Seeing confidence in the general trend, in the new era, Moda Furnishings, which has continued to strengthen its “physique”, has established a new goal – to enter the capital market. This undoubtedly gives people more expectations.

“Relevant departments in the district have come to communicate with us many times recently, and we are also actively participating in some forums and roadshows,” Sun Zhiyuan said. In order to achieve the goal of listing, the team plans to “grasp it with both hands” in the next step. On the one hand, on the basis of consolidating the talent team, we optimize the business layout and sort out and integrate business channels. On the other hand, we will continue to enrich product categories, expand the Nordic consumer market in a targeted manner, and improve the warehouse network and sales network.

Moda Furnishings is the epitome of Baohe’s small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises honing their competitiveness towards the world. Data show that in 2023, Baohe District’s total import and export volume will increase by 25% year-on-year. In 2024, Baohe District further encourages companies to expand overseas markets and grab orders. It plans to add 50 new companies with import and export performance throughout the year, and the actual use of foreign capital will increase by more than 20%.