UK pledges £45 million in quantum research funding

The UK government has announced that it will invest £45 million (about RMB 410 million) in the country’s quantum sector to help fulfill its commitment to become a quantum-enabled economy by 2033. The funding is […]

China’s AI chips rush to switch to domestic

Artificial intelligence (AI)-related mega-companies in China are stepping up their efforts to switch their chips to Chinese production. The reason for this is that US-based NVIDIA products were mostly used in the past, but procurement […]

Transsion has become the world’s 5th ranked mobile phone

Although little known among Chinese consumers, Transsion has a high market share in emerging countries. From July to September 2023, Transsion shipped 26 million smartphones, an increase of 35% over the same period last year, […]

Huawei Mate 60 Pro disassembled: 47% China parts

Huawei Technologies is increasing its purchases of domestic components for smartphones. On the new model, which went on sale in August, the proportion of parts made in China by value reached 47 per cent, up […]