China exports more car than Japan

Chinese exports rose 58 percent to 4.412 million units in the January-November period, compared with Japan’s full-year forecast of 4.3 million units. Most of China’s exports are oil vehicles, but EV growth has increased by […]

New lithium metal batteries overcome flammable problems

Phones, laptops and other personal devices have boomed over the past few decades thanks to lithium-ion batteries, but as climate change demands more powerful batteries for electric vehicles and grid-scale renewable energy storage, lithium-ion technology […]

Uranium price rise to 12-year high

The international price of uranium, which is used as a fuel for nuclear power generation, has continued to rise. It has risen by 50% from the end of 2022 to a new high in about […]

Toyota Alphard New Launch

On June 21, Toyota released new versions of its premium MPV Alphard and Vellfire. The new model enhances the comfort and driving performance of the spacious interior. In addition to gasoline cars and hybrid vehicles […]