Hurun Baixue and HSBC release “Global High School Rankings”

Hurun Report and HSBC today released the 2023 HSBC-Hurun Report Global High School Rankings, which lists the world’s top non-public high schools, ranking them according to where graduates go, extracurricular activities and school reputation.

168 schools from 12 countries were selected, with the United States and the United Kingdom ranking first and second with 48% and 38% of the list, respectively.

A total of 12 countries made the list, with 14 schools from China making the list, accounting for 8% of the list and ranking third in the world.

London and New York lead with 26 and 24 schools, respectively, followed by Boston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Shanghai was ranked seventh in the world ahead of Oxford, the Chinese city with the most schools on the list, with Hong Kong in second place.